duminică, 21 aprilie 2013

Uneste crescator numerele - joc matematic

Jocul acesta are mai multe obiective:
- e o dictare cu numere
- apeleaza la orientarea in spatiu - copiii scriu numerele unde vor pe pagina
-copiii unesc numerele in ordine crescatoare
- copiii isi intreaba imaginatia ce le-a iesit: un peste? o stea? un mar?
This game has many objectives: 
-it's a dictation and you can see if your kids know the numbers
-kids have to write numbers where they want on the page - so... orientation
-they draw lines between numbers in ascending order
-they ask themselves what picture are on their paper: maybe a fish? or a star? or an apple?

Variantii ale jocului:
-dictarea sa contina numere din 2 in 2 sau din 3 in 3
-dictarea sa contina numere care prezinta dificultati: 6, 16, 26 ...
- copiii sa uneasca descrescator
-copiii sa uneasca folosind culoarea rosie numerele pana la 10 si cu albastru cele de dupa 10
-the dictation can be with numbers counting 2 by 2 or 3 by 3
-the dictation can be with difficult numbers: 6, 16, 26
-kids can draw lines between number in descending order
-kids can use red for numbers to 10 and blue for numbers to 20...

- sa adauge detalii desenului
-to add some details (eyes, a mouth...)

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